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Do you want to get more out of your language studies at school? Are you struggling to catch up or have you set your sights on studying abroad? Welcome to a fun and effective language training with Upgrades!

Upgrades Homework Help features private assistance with language studies for students in primary and secondary school. Extra language assistance can help everyone, despite your ambition or goals with grades. Our goal is to support the student through the school term with language theory, study technique and a great deal of motivation. Together as a family, you tell us which language you want to work with and what goals the student has. Based on this, we propose a study plan, study technique and study coach.

Study Technique

When you are learning how to play an instrument or a new sport, you have start with the introductory skills and technique. This is the same for learning subjects in school. How do I study in the best way? By focusing on study skills, it becomes easier and more fun to learn a new language. Study skills lay the foundation for better future learning. At Upgrades, we work with study technique’s “three steps” and focus on the specific skills that belong to each step. Together with the student, we define where s/he is today. With this information, we determine which techniques suit her/him. In this way, the student will continue to learn, even after her/his time with Upgrades.

Theoretical Content

All homework help is based on the student’s own school material and is tailored to the student’s level and goals. We work with all languages offered at primary and secondary schools in Sweden. You can choose to focus on one or more languages. All of our study coaches are selected according to high standards of subject knowledge, dedication, and teaching ability.

How Homework Help works


Register your interest

The partnership begins when you submit your student presentation through our website or over the phone. Shortly thereafter, we will contact you to go through your goals, knowledge level and requirements and then, propose a suitable arrangement.


Matching and complimentary meeting

Within about two weeks of registering your interest, we will present you with a suitable study coach and a time for your first test session with the study coach. After you meet with the coach, we follow-up to ensure that you both are pleased with the match. Together, we then establish the length of time for the instruction package.


Continuous follow-up and evaluation

During the ongoing homework help sessions, the coach continually reports his/her hours and information about each session’s content. When only a few hours are remaining in your instruction package, we contact you to evaluate the homework help and discuss your thoughts about further continuing with the homework help sessions.

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