With Upgrades teacher-led private lessons you get the opportunity to learn the language, at your own pace, in a personalized way, for example in preparation of studies or a move abroad. Based on your requirements and wishes we tailor a setup just for you.

Objectives and content

•  Private tutoring for 1-2 participants
•  Place of choice; your home, your workplace or at our offices in Stockholm
•  Schedule times that suit you, directly with your language coach
•  Current level test according to the CEFR-scale, and tailored study plan to help reach your goals
•  Flexible education package of 10, 20 or 30 lessons
•  Customer satisfaction guarantee with trial lesson

Upgrades tailors the education in English to your requirements and goals. We start off with a requirement analysis and an estimation of level according to The European Council CEFR-scale, to calculate your current level of proficiency. Your level, together with your personal goals, are the basis for your personalized study plan that we follow during the course. Together with your appointed language coach, you get to develop your English skills at your own pace through both theoretical and practical assignments and exercises.

We continually follow up with your private lessons to ensure that you are happy and on your way to reach your goals. The language coaching in English can be held at your place of work, your home, or here at our offices at Upgrades – at times that suit you.

Upgrades has at present about 100 active language coaches, all over Sweden. Your customer satisfaction guarantee means that you can change language coach after the first lesson or opt to pay only for that trial lesson. We are certain that we have just the right language coach for you!

Sign up for more information! If you then wish to proceed, it normally takes 1-2 weeks to get your trial lesson booked in.

How it works

Register interest

The process starts by you registering interest. We will then follow up by telephone or email, at which time you will receive more information as well as the opportunity to ask questions.

Customer presentation and order

If you wish to proceed you fill in a customer presentation containing your requirements and wishes regarding the tutoring, for example the desired day, time and profile of the language coach.

Matching and scheduling of first lesson

Within 2 weeks we will reach out to you to present a language coach, and help you schedule the first lesson.

Trial lesson

The first lesson with us is always a trial session, after which we follow up with you and ensure that you are happy with both your coach and the tailor-made setup.

Continuation and evaluation

At the end of the education package we at Upgrades will evaluate and discuss a possible continuation.



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