Objectives and content

English4Kids inspires children to speak English in a dedicated, fun and pedagogical environment. We introduce children to the English language, bolster their self-esteem and help them develop their communication skills.

•  Sweden’s most popular English courses for children since 2005.
•  Introduces and develops your child’s English skills in an inspiring and fun way.
•  Group lessons for children aged 0-12 in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

We mix traditional teaching methods with games, projects, art and song. The classes are held in English by language coaches with English as their mother tongue. We’ve taught groups since 2005, and ever since then we’ve developed a unique study plan where we focus on the children, their world and everyday language. Each semester with English4Kids is based on a central theme that ties the lessons together. In addition to the central theme we include exercises with words, phrases and grammar connect to everyday life, holidays and festivities.

Course Contents

Children aged 0-5: For the youngest children we introduce and explore the English language through song, movement, storytelling, pedagogical and art projects.

Children aged 6-8: For children between 6-8 years old, we base the lessons on exploring the English language through pedagogical games, songs, music,  books, drama, projects and exercise sheets. For children in this age range we also introduce phonetics, reading and creative writing. 

Children aged 9-12: For the older children, the classes continue the exploration of the English language through pedagogical games, music, current news articles, drama and diverse projects. Beyond this we use a book as a basis, to introduce more grammar, reading and creative writing.

How It Works


The booking is made either via our website, email or over the phone. 

Confirmation email and invoice

As soon as we’ve registered your booking you will receive a confirmation via email. Within a couple of days your invoice will be issued and sent via email. The invoice should be paid within 10 days, and before the start of the course.

Welcome to English4Kids

Approximately a week before the first lesson, a welcoming email will be sent to all participants with all the practical information. If you sign up after the first lesson has taken place, you are welcome to join by the next lesson.



Are parents allowed to be in the room during the class?
Parents are not allowed in the room during class. However, the first lesson of term can be a little daunting and as such you can of course be nearby until your child feels comfortable. If you feel that your child would prefer you to be in the room throughout the lesson, we recommend you book the ‘Parent and child’ class for children up to 4 years.
How many children are in each group?
Our curriculum is structured for group learning and as such we usually have a minimum of 4-5 children per class. We have circa 7 children per English4Kids coach.
Is an existing language skill level required?
Most of our courses are for beginners and there is no requirement for existing language level. Upgrades advanced courses are for children who have lived abroad, attended an English-speaking school and/or are bilingual. English4Kids 9-12 courses are classed as ‘intermediate’.
Who are your English4Kids instructors?
What is the cancellation policy?
English4Kids allows for a trial first lesson. If you choose not to continue after the first lesson, you can cancel and only pay a 250 SEK administration fee. Cancellation must be in writing and before the next course date (i.e. within 7 days).
How is payment managed?
Invoices are sent via email and have 10-day payment terms. We are unable to accept cash or card payments.
How long is an English4Kids term?
Courses for children aged 9-12 years are 10 weeks long. All other courses have a 12-week term which is divided in to two sessions (6 weeks per session).
How long is each lesson?
Lessons for children aged 9-12 years are 60 minutes. All other courses are 45 minutes per lesson.
Is it possible to have English4Kids classes at my child’s school?
Absolutely! We provide all materials and so only need access to a suitable room. We are happy to meet with schools to discuss how we can get a course up and running.

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