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June 1, 2013 2:00 pm Published by

The Marklund Family from Alvsjö is planning for a move to the United States. 7-year old Axel needs to be prepared in the English language, as well as for a brand new school situation. The focus is for Axel to learn as much English as possible before the family departs. In addition, we want to build and strengthen Axel’s self-confidence, so he feels better equipped for his new environment. Together with his Upgrades coach, Nathalle, they go through the basics of the English language in a fun, playful and pedagogical way.

“We go through introductory and everyday greetings, school terms, body parts and other basic concepts, so that Axel feels comfortable and secure from day one. Axel must feel safe and comfortable from day one. We draw, play and use of English apps, it is important for Axel to have fun while he is learning!” Says Nathalie, who already misses Axel, now that he has moved westward with his family.

– Nathalie