English for better service

June 30, 2014 10:55 am Published by

One of the world’s largest international consulting companies has relied on Upgrades for different assignments over the past years. One such project was to give the support staff members the opportunity to further develop their English skills, linked to the company’s specific business area. The aim of the course was to provide better and more professional service for the customers, while the employees received skills development and greater confidence in the language. Upgrades provided an interactive and customized course, ranging from business culture, industry terminology and role-play. The participants were so pleased with the course that they continued with a secondary course as well.

“I think the course was great. It’s good to receive help on the little mistakes that we make every day, (for example, yesterday, we worked on prepositions that we were misusing). Also, it’s welcoming to be corrected on pronunciation (since we rarely get to talk with natives, we all have so may different accents).”