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Upgrades works with individuals, families and companies in different industries and sizes. Here are some of our corporate partnerships.


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Tailor-made Business Danish

Guy Carpenter is one of the world’s leading reinsurance brokers with offices and customers around the world. Although the corporate language is English, the Stockholm office has encountered a linguistic challenge with the Danish language. Since many brokers in the Stockholm office work directly with Denmark and Danish customers, they needed to freshen up their Danish language skills. With improved knowledge in Danish, the brokerage is able to offer its customers the best possible service.

”Upgrades works together with our language teacher, Hanne for a tailor-made course in Business Danish. The group will go through everything from numbers and accounting to common challenges and misunderstandings between the Swedish and Danish languages. Luckily, Hanne speaks both languages fluently;)”

Read more about Guy Carpenter and their interesting business ventures at guycarp.com

– Lena

Swedish in the gaming world

ComeOn! is a gaming company that offers sports betting and casino games. The company is based in Malta and has a development office in Stockholm. It is a fast growing company with an enthusiastic, international staff. Some of the best developers from around the world transfer to the Stockholm ComeOn! office to work. The corporate language for employees is English. However, ComeOn! offers all of its employees basic Swedish courses with Upgrades:

”Offering Swedish language courses is a part of the Swedish experience. When employees have the basics in Swedish, they are able to more easily integrate into Swedish society and have better contact with their Swedish colleagues.”

–Annie Johnsson from ComeOn!

At Upgrades, we are seeing more and more companies that choose to include Swedish training as a part of the company’s benefits package. Despite that English may be the corporate language, knowing a bit Swedish is very important in order to enjoy living and working in Sweden. With a basic knowledge in Swedish, employees are more easily integrated into Swedish society. Companies notice that the employees are happier, they stay in Sweden longer and have a more enhanced interaction with their colleagues in the workplace.

Upgrades has worked with ComeOn! for nearly two years. We now have three groups with different ability levels that work together with our fantastic Swedish coach, Anna-Maria.

”The best part of working with ComeOn! is the mixture of the groups and their enthusiastic pace!”

–Anna-Maria from Upgrades

New for this year, we have launched our “Welcome to Swedish” course. In addition to basic language skills, this course introduces Swedish culture and everyday life, such as coffee breaks, winter darkness, summer light and much more!

We wish ComeOn! and Anna-Maria the best of luck!

“Dance” in Swedish

Stefano Oradei is one of Europe’s best dancers and was a participant on “Let’s Dance” in 2014. Originally from Italy, Stefano faced dance challenges – as well as Swedish language challenges – with Yasmine Cara. Along with Upgrades and his private Upgrades language coach Siri, Stefano worked on his Swedish before, during and after his dance sessions. He succeeded in communication with the jury, Jasmine and the entire Swedish population.

“My Swedish training was exactly what I needed. It was tailored just for me – fun and effective!”


English for better service

One of the world’s largest international consulting companies has relied on Upgrades for different assignments over the past years. One such project was to give the support staff members the opportunity to further develop their English skills, linked to the company’s specific business area. The aim of the course was to provide better and more professional service for the customers, while the employees received skills development and greater confidence in the language. Upgrades provided an interactive and customized course, ranging from business culture, industry terminology and role-play. The participants were so pleased with the course that they continued with a secondary course as well.

“I think the course was great. It’s good to receive help on the little mistakes that we make every day, (for example, yesterday, we worked on prepositions that we were misusing). Also, it’s welcoming to be corrected on pronunciation (since we rarely get to talk with natives, we all have so may different accents).”


Hello, how are you?

The Marklund Family from Alvsjö is planning for a move to the United States. 7-year old Axel needs to be prepared in the English language, as well as for a brand new school situation. The focus is for Axel to learn as much English as possible before the family departs. In addition, we want to build and strengthen Axel’s self-confidence, so he feels better equipped for his new environment. Together with his Upgrades coach, Nathalle, they go through the basics of the English language in a fun, playful and pedagogical way.

“We go through introductory and everyday greetings, school terms, body parts and other basic concepts, so that Axel feels comfortable and secure from day one. Axel must feel safe and comfortable from day one. We draw, play and use of English apps, it is important for Axel to have fun while he is learning!” Says Nathalie, who already misses Axel, now that he has moved westward with his family.

– Nathalie