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How it’s done

At Upgrades, we are convinced that you can’t be taught a language – you learn a language.

Our role as language coaches is to plan and implement structured language training, so that you can learn the language of your choice in the most enjoyable and effective way possible. In order to do this, we make sure to set the right goals for you. We integrate your personal interests into the language training and we use techniques that streamline your learning both in and outside of the classroom.

Step by Step


Your Goals and Conditions

We start by identifying which language you want to learn and what your goals are. We discuss your previous knowledge and experience with the language, as well as your scheduling availability.


Our Approach

Based on your goals, knowledge and schedule, we present a suitable format for your language training.


Language Test

Before we start with your language training, we test your language level according to the Council of Europe’s scale for language assessment, CEFR. This scale has six levels: A1 (beginner), A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. This gives us more insight on your present language skills and allows us to effectively measure your progress.


On-going Training

The language training sessions can take place in our Upgrades office, your home, school, workplace or other location of your choice. With a combination of language theory, exercises, culture, and motivation, we create the best conditions for you learn in an enjoyable, effective way.



We continuously follow-up with your progress, in order to ensure that you are meeting your goals. You can also follow your language training updates via our customer portal, Upgrades Online. At the end of your training program with us, we test your language level again to measure which goals you have attained. We can then recommend how you can best continue with your future language studies.

Our Methods

When we receive your assignment request, we go through your goals and needs. With these, we can then choose to work with several different techniques in your language training.

We administer a voluntary language test that measures your present language level prior to the start of your language training and then again, once the your training program is completed. The test is accordance with Council of Europe’s language scale, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Test your language skills with our short online test >>
Catered Content
The content of your language training is created to suit your goals and your interests. In this way, you will be more inspired to learn, have more fun with your studies, as well as learn more effectively.
Flipped Classroom
In order to maximize language learning, we also work with ”Flipped Classroom” as a complement to our language training. With this service, we develop preparatory films for students to watch before each lesson. The films deal with the language focus of each particular lesson and allow students to prepare in advance, receive extra information, as well as provide make-up information for any student who may miss a lesson.
Extra Instructor
If you decide to have a ”spoken language focus” for your larger group, then we recommend the optional service, ”Extra Instructor.” The head instructor will lead the course, while the extra instructor will be on site to promote conversation in group discussions, in order to further increase oral communication development.
Online Services and Language Apps
Based on your level and goals, we also recommend for you to work with language apps and other online services. These complement our in-class language lessons and help you to continually work effectively — even after you leave the classroom. We have suggestions for all language levels.

Our Coaches

At Upgrades, we have over 700 language coaches working with us. We choose our coaches for their teaching abilities and motivating personalities. Some of our coaches are qualified teachers, others are studying to become teachers and some have gained experience in other ways. We are happy to work with coaches who teach in their native languages, allowing them to convey language, tradition and culture.

We match every assignment with one of our language coaches. We base the match on language, personality and experience, in order to give you a language coach that suits you best.