>Private Tutoring in Swedish for up to two participants.
>Customized curriculum on the days and times that suit your schedule.
>Flexible training packages with 5, 10, 15 or 20 lessons.

“Welcome to Swedish” is an introductory course in Swedish which introduces participants to the Swedish language and culture. The course focuses more on social orientation than language development. (If you are interested in an introductory Swedish language course, then we recommend Swedish A1). “Welcome to Swedish” is used by many companies as a way of welcoming new employees to Sweden – regardless of how long they will stay.

Learning Technique

Our Swedish courses are designed to introduce participants to the Swedish language and culture in an effective and motivating way. We mix theoretical instruction in grammar, vocabulary and communication with exercises related to everyday life in Sweden. In order for the course to be as useful as possible, we focus mainly on oral communication to get started with Swedish studies.

Between the classes, we challenge the participants to work independently through exercises and app-based language training.

Theoretical Content

“Welcome to Swedish” for beginners consists of ten lessons. The course has a set curriculum where participants learn basic Swedish language skills and are introduced to Swedish culture. The course topics include: conversational greetings and presentations, phrases for ordering at restaurants and traveling by bus and taxi; as well as an introduction to Swedish customs and traditions, “every person’s right” to explore Swedish nature, darkness in the winter and much more. We recommend one to two sessions per week.

This introductory course is a social introduction to Swedish and therefore, does not correspond to a CEFR-level.

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