>Private Tutoring for up to two participants.
>Customized curriculum on the days and times that suit your schedule.
>Flexible training packages with 5, 10, 15 or 20 lessons.

At Upgrades, we believe that language is the key to communication and communication is the key to an effective and stimulating workplace. The corporate clients that rely on Upgrades for customized language courses agree with this as well. In these courses, we develop language instruction to suit your workplace and industry. This can mean a Swedish course for taxi drivers, or a Mandarin course for a Swedish industrial company. Despite the language, we develop the course, so that your employees receive the language skills needed to reach your goals.

Learning Technique

Our customized courses are designed to introduce participants to the target language in an effective and motivating way. We mix theoretical instruction in grammar, vocabulary and communication with exercises linked to your corporation or industry. You can choose to supplement the course with our “flipped classroom” films and/or with an extra instructor. In order for the course to be as useful as possible, we focus on both oral and written communication.

Between the classes, we challenge the participants to work independently through exercises, as well as online and app-based language training.

Theoretical Content

Our customized language courses have no fixed content. We develop course content for every project. You tell us your company’s goals with the language instruction. From this information, we develop a language instruction plan catered to your company.

To ensure the level of the group and see how the participants develop during the course, we offer an initial and final test in the relevant CEFR levels.


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