>Private Tutoring in Swedish for up to two participants.
>Customized curriculum on the days and times that suit your schedule.
>Flexible training packages with 5, 10, 15 or 20 lessons.

Our courses in Swedish for beginners introduce participants to the Swedish language and culture. Upon completion of the course, the goal is that participants can conduct everyday actions, such as introducing themselves, shop and perform other basic skills in Swedish. Swedish A1 is geared towards completely new beginners, while Swedish A2 is more suitable for those who already have a base in the Swedish language. If you are unsure about your level, we are happy to help test your abilities at Upgrades.

Learning Technique

Our Swedish courses are designed to introduce participants to the Swedish language and culture in an effective and motivating way. We mix theoretical instruction in grammar, vocabulary and communication with exercises related to everyday life in Sweden. In order for the course to be as useful as possible, we focus mainly on oral communication to get started with Swedish studies.

Between the classes, we challenge the participants to work independently through exercises and app-based language training.

Theoretical Content

Our courses in Swedish for beginners consist of ten lessons. During Swedish A1, the participants will learn the alphabet, numbers and how to tell time, along with the rhythm of the language and basic phrases for everyday life. We place great emphasis on pronunciation and vocabulary. Grammatical focus areas are: the main clause; presentation of verb inflections and tenses; indefinite and definite forms, singular and plural nouns; personal, possessive and relative pronouns. During Swedish A2, we go through vocabulary that is related to the participants’ jobs, hobbies and family. The curriculum includes: describing events, writing simple stories and conducting everyday conversations. Grammatical focus areas are: the main clause; differences in verb tenses – past, perfect and future; irregular verbs; comparisons; definite form and demonstrative indefinite pronouns.

We recommend one to two sessions per week. If you then want to cater the content to your company, you are welcome to present suggestions and we can assist with an adaptation to suit you.

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