>Private Tutoring in English for up to two participants.
>Customized curriculum on the days and times that suit your schedule.
>Flexible training packages with 5, 10, 15 or 20 lessons.

The goal with our business English courses at the advanced level (C1-C2) is to is to enable the participants to function linguistically, without hinderances, in a professional context. This course is geared for participants who already have a very high level of English. The course is tailored to meet the goals and needs of the group.

Learning Technique

Our courses in English are designed to develop the participants’ English in an effective and motivating way. We alternate theoretical instruction in grammar, comprehension and communication with exercises linked to the English work atmosphere. In order for the course to be as useful as possible, we focus on both oral and written and communication.

Between the classes, we challenge the participants to work independently through exercises, as well as online and app-based language training.

Theoretical Content

During our advanced courses in business English C1 and C2, we gear the content significantly to the group’s level, goals and needs. At Upgrades, we help you by testing the group to idientify the group level. Every course consists of ten lessons and includes situations from professional life, e-mail conversation, as well as more formal English.

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