About us

Upgrades is an education company that provides individuals, families, schools and companies with tailored language training. We offer classes for groups, as well as private tutoring for individuals. Regardless of the type of instruction, we cater the lessons to our customers’ levels, schedules and goals. When you work with us, we not only focus on the subject you choose, but we also work with motivation and your study technique. We do all that we can to help you achieve your goals, even after the time when your course with us is completed.

Since its inception in a garage in 2009, Upgrades has grown rapidly. We are proud that today, we contribute to a “win-win” situation where we offer language training to our thousands of customers, while creating jobs and work experience for over 700 language coaches each year.

2015 – we won the Swedish prestigious Gasell award for being one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies.

Gasell vinnare 2015

Upgrades is also an accredited member of The Swedish Association of Accredited Language Training Providers (Auktoriserade Språkutbildares Riksorganisation – ASR). ASR comprises Sweden’s leading providers of language training services to professionals. It aims to constantly improve standards of language training in Sweden, as well as to raise awareness of the importance of language and communication in an increasingly international world of work.

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Our team

Alexia Ross Jaldung

Alexia Ross Jaldung


Alexia is originally from Chicago, USA. She helped create and build the English4Kids concept from its beginning. Today, she works primarily with educational development and curriculum for English4Kids group classes.

Karolina Vestin

Karolina Vestin

Vice President

Karolina is Upgrades President and the spider in the web of our operational activities. She is responsible for our operational team, ensuring that our assignments focus on personal development. Do you want to know more about how we work at Upgrades? You’re welcome to contact Karolina.

Tiffany Wiklund

Tiffany Wiklund

English4Kids Manager

Originally from London, Tiffany moved to Stockholm early in 2012. She has been employed with Upgrades since January 2013. She now leads our English4kids team.

Our Social Responsibility

In line with the Upgrades concept – we also support other organizations that work for a better society around the world.

For over 60 years, SOS Children’s Villages have given orphaned and abandoned children a new home, a family and an education in one of their over 500 children’s villages around the world. They also work to support vulnerable families, so that children won’t have become orphaned or abandoned. Upgrades is presently supporting SOS Children’s Villages to help finance the construction of a new children’s village in Thai Binh, Vietnam.

Teach for Sweden works to ensure that all children in Sweden are entitled to a school that gives them the opportunity to choose their own future. Teach for Sweden is looking for recent graduates who have leadership ambitions and want to make a difference. Upgrades supports Teach for Sweden through business marketing and recruitment.

Save the Children works for children’s rights, as well as helps children in vulnerable situations here in Sweden and all over in the world. We whole-heartedly support their work.