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How Childcare works


Register your interest

The partnership begins when you submit your family presentation through our website or over the phone. Shortly thereafter, we will contact you to go through your goals and requirements with the childcare and then, propose a suitable arrangement.


Matching and complimentary meeting

Within about two weeks of submitting your family presentation, we will present you with a suitable caregiver and a time for your first meeting with the caregiver. After you meet with the caregiver, we follow-up to ensure that you both are pleased with the match. Together, we then establish the length of time for the chidcare package.


Continuous follow-up and evaluation

During the ongoing childcare sessions, the caregiver continually reports his/her hours and information about each session. When only a few hours are remaining in your childcare package, we contact you to evaluate the childcare and discuss your thoughts about further continuing with the childcare sessions.